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Time Tech Industries, the company who first brought forward time travel to the modern consumer, today announced a new and exciting development. Time travelers will now have the option of not only going into the future, but into the past as well. As of yet, no time travel agency has been able to offer such an exciting service.

"It's really not surprising our scientists, who were the first to develop forward time travel, are the first to accomplish this feat," said Time Tech CEO Lambert Stelzleni. "Time Tech Industries has always been the leader in time travel technologies."

"We believe there will be an even bigger market for backward time travel," said Nancy Andrews, company vice president. "After all, who wouldn't want to see what it was like to really attend Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech, or, say, know how it felt to live in medieval times?"

Time Tech Industries, the first company in consumer time travel, is able to send customers through time. With this exciting new development, customers will be able to visit the past for the first time ever. For more information, visit our website at